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The price for our technical translations is usually charged by the standard line rate (55 characters including spaces) of the translated text.
The exact line price depends on the scope, level of difficulty, and delivery deadline of the respective translation.

Please send us the text that you need us to translate, with exact information on the deadline and potential layout and formatting requirements. We will process your order immediately and provide a non-binding quote.

Our line prices range from 0.90 – 1.35 EUR net plus VAT.

Good translations require care, and with it a little time. But sometimes a translation needs to be returned quickly. Evening and weekend rates for especially urgent projects are not a problem, but they are charged with a special express surcharge.

Standardised documents and certificates are charged a flat rate per certified translation.

Interpreting assignments are charged by the hour, or with full- or half-day flat rates. Travel expenses are charged separately.

Research and services are charged a flat hourly or service rate, depending on the assignment.