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Our Services at a Glance

Translating and interpreting services upon initial business contact
Starting with the initial contact in the form of a letter of intent, and intercultural support in negotiations up to the translation of the signed contract, we are here to accompany you through every step of your international business relations.

Technical translations
The translation of complicated texts with a specific management or legal background not only requires excellent language prowess, but also technical knowledge. We have acquired this in our studies and are always up to date with continued training sessions.

Certified translations
In Germany, only state-evaluated and legally sworn certificate translators are allowed to certify compliance between a translation and the original text. We are happy to certify our translations of official documents and certificates for you in accordance with legal regulation.
You can find examples of the most frequently requested certificate translations here.

Localisation of websites / ad texts
We transfer your internet presence or company image into the desired language. Of course we consider cultural and linguistic traits of the respective culture in doing so, and adjust the texts to match the special characteristics of the respective market and target group. We thus make a significant contribution to your company’s successful international image.

We accompany you to conventions, contract negotiations with foreign partners, and all other situations in which you need a professional language intermediary. Our intercultural skills and linguistic capabilities ensure successful communication without any misunderstandings.
Research & service
Not only do we offer your company linguistic support in tapping the Eastern European markets, but also other services such as the procurement of information through research in Russian sources, and the organisation of interpreters in Russian-speaking countries.