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General Terms and Conditions

The following conditions solely apply to all agreements, including future agreements, settled with us, provided other deviating agreements have not been made. We are not obligated to follow a client’s terms and conditions, even if we do not explicitly contradict them.

§ 1 Agreement and delivery

1. Offers are non-obligatory. The content and scope of our service obligation solely arise from written confirmation of the order. Written confirmation of the order is required. Collateral agreements and changes require written confirmation in order to become valid.

2. Terms and deadlines only become binding if they have been confirmed in writing. Adherence to our service obligation requires prompt and proper fulfilment of the client’s obligations by the client. Partial deliveries and invoices are permitted for large project volumes, provided this has been agreed on beforehand and set in writing.

3. In the event of unjustified withdrawal from the contract, or unjustified cancellation, we will charge our services and expenses rendered up to the point of withdrawal.

§ 2 Confidentiality obligation/data protection

1. The contract parties agree to maintain confidentiality of confidential information.

2. The parties will adhere to the pertinent data protection regulations. The contractor in particular will only retrieve, process, or utilise any personal data that they come into contact with as instructed by the client, in accordance with § 11 para 3 BDSG.

§ 3 Payment terms

1. All invoices are due without discount deductions within 7 bank days upon receipt of the invoice.

2. Depending on the scope of services we reserve the right to issue interim invoices.

3. Until receipt of the full payment we retain ownership and usage rights to our service.

§ 4 Guarantee, liability

  • We perform translations in accordance with the fundamentals of proper, professional conduct. However, the translation of texts from one language into another is not perfect by nature. The client may make a significant contribution to the improvement of quality by informing us of the function and target group of a translation, as well as by providing a glossary and/or reference material. The translation does not constitute any form of advice regarding culturally specific or legal characteristics of the target language’s country.2. The client is obligated to report in writing any visible or discovered defects in our service immediately upon discovery.

    3. Should a defect or other violation of an obligation result in damages, we are liable in accordance with legal regulation provided said damages are personal damages, the damages fall under the scope of product liability law, or are the result of deliberation or grave neglect. If the damages are the result of a culpable violation of a major contract obligation, we are only liable for the contract-related damages. Other contractual or tortious damage claims of the client are ruled out. We are thus especially not liable for indirect expenses, lost profits, or other asset damages of the client, nor for the (non-)achievement of the client’s business and other objectives.

§ 5 Statute of limitations

The client’s claim to supplementary fulfilment, the right to withdrawal, price reduction, and damages lapses one year after the delivery of our service, in accordance with §§ 202, 634a para 3 BGB.

§ 6 Closing provisions

1. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply to all matters relating to the execution of this contract. 

2. The venue and jurisdiction for all obligations and legal disputes stemming from this contract is Hamburg, Germany.

3. Should items in these terms of business become invalid as a result of change in legislation or supreme court jurisdiction, the validity of the remaining items is unaffected.